Canvas Stretching and Framing

Canvas Stretching & Framing

As part of our printing services we can create “Ready to Hang” Canvas prints and complete the process with a choice of trim frames or a L frame which really take a ready to hang canveas to a more complete d frame style look. See our range below and click on below pricelist for more info.


We only print on SIHL 100% cotton canvas and then stretch them over timber frames of  exceptional quality and workmanship. Each of our frames are hand assembled and stretched on a robust timber frame to your individual requirement. We can produce very large frames of 3 meters and more and can handle fine details and delicate fabrics. You have the choice of  a protective lacquer included in the cost, or a lamination layer to essentially make the work waterproof and protect it from any marks or stains, should you wish additional finishing.


Pixel Perfect can offer a Trim Shadow frame for your Canvas Prints to give it a more finished look. Also known as shadow box frames, these sit neatly with a 5-10mm shadow line between canvas and reverse frames making a great looking finished product.

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