John Ogden

Since 2006 Ogden’s work has focused on series of fine art photography, and extensive work with Aboriginal Australian imagery. His publishing company, Cyclops Press, began production with Australienation in 1999. Partly inspired by a conversation in which Ogden was upbraided whilst in England in his youth,[4] criticising the near genocide of the Aboriginal populations by the colonial immigrants, and subsequent culture clash, Ogden’s 2008/9 work Portraits From A Land Without People is considered to be the most comprehensive pictorial history of the Aboriginal people of Australia produced, honouring fully the Aboriginal cultural code which requires permission to be granted by each individual in every picture.[1] 

In November 2011 Ogden released Saltwater People of the Broken Bays: Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and in November 2012 released the companion book Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore: Sydney’s Southern BeachesSlightly Dangerous: The Cyclops’ Cypher, published in May 2013, provides an insight into the inspirations and influences behind Ogden’s work.[5] In his foreword to Slightly Dangerous, photographer Tim Page writes: “This is a life well travelled, of a baby boomer who surfs an existential path across six decades, waxing the best of nostalgia against the odds that are self mitigated by the excesses of those times. It is a heritage of the hippest, most gonzo ‘down-under’ attitudes, rendered by images we all wish we had snapped. As if Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Neville shuffled photo cards with Robert Frankian images throughout the deck”.

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