Film Developing Services

Pixel Perfect now offers a film processing service! In collaboration with Do Film Lab, we can now handle your colour and black and white film processing, along with disposable 35mm Cameras. Slide film can be developed but will be cross-processed using C41 chemicals (see below for more info on cross processing).

You can choose from Develop only, Develop and Scan or Dev, Scan and Print! So drop in with your 35mm or medium format roll film and we will look after you!



Cross Processing is intentionally processing film in the wrong chemicals, creating interesting and unpredictable color shifts and increased contrast. For example, cross processing would be shooting a roll of color slide film or E6  and developing it as if it were color negative film or C41 (or visa versa). The best thing about cross processing is the unpredictability of it, you never know what you’re gonna get, but that’s the fun of photography, and likely you shoot film.

pricing for film services

  • Develop only $10
  • Develop and Scan $17
  • Dev Scan -Hi Res $20
  • Dev Scan and Print $30
  • Formats suppported: 35mm, 120, 110, 220, APS, Disposable Cameras
  • Turn around time 4-5 days

For more information email us or call Sam on 02 923194500

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