Large Format Digital

Large format digital photo (silver halide) printing

Our large digital photo prints are created with our high-speed 50-inch wide Durst Lambda printer, and processed through our Kreonite RA-4 chemical processor.

We are one of the last Prolabs in Australia still using a Lambda digital laser printer, which complements our fine art printing department. We currently print on a selection of premium long-life, photographic media from Kodak and Fuji. In producing digital prints onto light sensitive papers using lasers, all Lambda prints are chemically processed. For more information on our Durst Lambda check out this link.

Pixel Perfect Prolab produces Silver Halide or C-Type photo prints in both large and small formats. We use only the highest quality level Kodak and Fuji professional products and the best processes for our photo printing, and all papers are rated as archival. So bring in your digital files and let’s show you what we can do.

Photo Paper Types


Our most our popular paper finishes and the best all-rounder, Fuji Lustre has a semi-gloss satin finish, which is more forgiving of fingerprints. Rich colour reproduction, great skin tones and deep blacks make this the natural choice for many photographers.


The matte finish from Kodak features our most delicate semi-matte texture, a great all round performer displaying great skin tones with the added benefit of reduced reflections on the paper surface compared to our other Lambda papers.


Kodak Endura Gloss brings excellent depth and richness to any image with intense blacks and punchy colours. As with all glossy papers, this paper needs to be handled with care as the surface is easy to scratch or mark with fingerprints.


Fuji Pearl paper is our metallic gloss Lambda paper. Pearl paper contains a very special component: pearly mica crystals. Based on the natural mica, they are covered with a thin layer of metal oxides, for example, titanium dioxide. Through an interplay of transparency, refraction, coating and multiple reflections, one can discern silver-white and metallic reflection effects. These lend pictures such an intense warmth and depth; they become a true sensation for the eye. 


Pixel Perfect is one of the only labs in Australia to print on this stock, Fuji Flex (sometimes called super or hyper gloss) is noticeably different in feel from our other Lambda papers. Fuji Flex uses a plastic rather than paper base material, which enables its surface to be completely free of texture, the mirror smooth surface gives sharp details and the warmer white gives rich colours.

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