Custom Framing

Pixel Perfect offers a ‘less is more’ range of quality frames, mattes and choice of glass finishes to help you complete your printing process and give you a finished result that will last a lifetime. Come and see our full range in store and click here for our framing pricelist

Whether you are an artist in need of fine art photography framing to present your work to its best advantage, or an individual needing a frame for a photo you have just purchased, Pixel Perfect will find the combination that best suits your work. We take fine art photography seriously and believe it deserves a beautiful frame.

We can either deliver the finished product in bubble wrap to our store location or carefully pack your work for domestic or international shipping if required. Let us handle all your needs, Check here for pricing.

Pixel Perfect Framing options

We offer 4 simple variations in our framing range to make it easier for you to choose your style and complete your masterpiece.



Our entry level range of frame are by no means entry level. The are made with the same quality Tasmanian Oak and imported timbers and are a great way to frame your work at a cost effective price. These range in size from 20, 30 and 42mm of the face and 20mm thick. We offer these frames in Black, white, natural timber, teak and silver, as well as some variations on the popular raw timber look.

Pixel Perfect Deluxe Framing


The Deluxe range of frames goes a little slimmer for a more streamlined cleaner look. They have a 10mm face and are 25mm deep,

These frames can also be recessed.

These come in 5 colours We offer these frames in Black, White, natural timber, dark brown and teak.



Our Box frame range give you some great choices with the option to recess your images to the back of the 40mm deep frame, giving your work some more depth within the frame itself. These frames generally a 20mm face edge and come in Black, White and some variations of natural timber.
Large Format Fine Art


The Premium range of frames are solid and more often used for larger works, where the smaller frames would not be strong enough to accommodate the size and weight of the work. Used for work larger than a square metre, these frames come in black, white and natural timber

Mat Boards

We have a range of white and coloured matboards to match any image. We can also do super-sized mats up to 2642 x 1524 mm.

Matboards are an integral part of your frame. They complement and form part of the visual design adding colour options, depth, spacing and with a computerised system, we can create any shape and cut to your custom designs. Matboards also serve to separate your artwork from the frame and glazing, buffering it with an acid free layer to help preserve your precious artwork from moisture and chemical actions.

Large Format Fine Art

Glass Options

Your choice of Glass or Glazing is a very important part of framing. It protects your valuable artwork from handling, dust, moisture and ultra violet light (UV). Our standard offering is 2mm glass and 3mm acrylic, but we have a range of options for those frames needing special glazing. 

Standard glass is inexpensive and will protect your artwork from scratching and dust but is relatively heavy, not UV protective and is reflective. It is also prone to shatter when dropped. Acrylic or Perspex is a good option for frames as it’s lighter than glass and doesn’t shatter.

This is particularly important if you intend shipping your frames. One disadvantage is that acrylics scratches easier than glass, though minor scratches can be buffed out. We only use Shinkolite acrylic by Mitsubishi, which is of exceptional quality because of its clarity, flatness and freedom from blemishes.It also has 70% UV protection.

Art glass is a non-reflective glazing we recommend. It has true non-reflective properties with no distortion, hazing or tinting. Your art will look great and you will hardly notice the glazing. Art glass also provides 70% UV protection. If you want the best on offer then Art Glass in the choice you should be making. Come in and see our display of frames Mattes and glass options in-store and see for yourself.

Non-reflective glass contains a clear film designed to diffuse reflection. It is this non-reflective property that ensures you can see your artwork, even when hung in an area with high exposure to sunlight or interior lighting.

It is important to note that non-reflective glass does not reflect UV light rays and therefore provides no protection against UV light fading. Find out more about our UV filters for picture framing below.

It is not recommended for picture framing with fine detail as some clarity will be lost. This loss of clarity is further emphasised when the glass is spaced away from the artwork, such as in the event ofwhen using mat boards or framing spacers are used.

Our Framing Price list is available here

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